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Do i know someone with carpal tunnel syndrome?
Yes! I know one who has the syndrome.

See these pictures? This is my husband's wrist right now. You see, my dear husband has been into programming and tinkering with computers since 1990. That makes it 18 years of interlude with the computers which resulted into this state of his right wrist. It is not the normal kind of wrist, right? There is a little bump in the wrist joint.There are times that it is really taking toll on him and he is in constant pain. There are times that he wants to just let go of the mouse and rest his wrist. However, being a web developer and maintaining his own I.T. business he cannot help it but be in front of the computer all day and even at night. If it is not his eyes which are tired, it is usually his wrist which is in pain.
When I browsed online and saw this carpal tunnel relief I was overjoyed. I knew this is what my husband needs. Finally, he can be relieved of his misery just by putting this on while he does his programming every day. Thus, when I showed this to him, he knew pain is over!


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