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Getting Better

Monday, July 14, 2008

Last Saturday, my husband and I went to a program. We were invited to this kind of program for about fifth time already. Before this one, we were always having reasons not to accept invitations like this. It was not because we did not want to, but because there were truly valid reasons for us not to be able to.
Years back, we were very young parents in our early twenties. More than just being young and both busy with our works,our babies were coming non-stop thus we seemed to have never enough time changing diapers and wiping milk spills. Imagine, we had 3 babies in five years in our early twenties!
Anyway, since we found the timing quite right, these days ( babies have grown to ages 10, 9 and 6)plus the fact that this program can help us; for one reason that i want a better marriage.
The first session was good enough. It was nice meeting new people and different couples.Strangely though, we were one of the youngest couple around.
I believe this will improve our relationship as a couple and our faith as individuals. Whatever will happen later, I know it is for good. Just like what Emergent Church offers, it is always for some optimistic results. If you need help, find a church in Rancho Santa Fe surely it will help.