Related Posts with Thumbnails

1. Woke up being hugged by my best bed-mate, as always...

2. Peeped in my Mama's house and found her asleep contentedly like a baby, people at her place said she got tired after playing online games. See, my Mom is techie at 67.

3. Prepared food for my family: fresh, hot and filling...

4. Walked two-way to our convenience store just to pay a visit while conversing non-stop with my 6 year old, the living chatterbox.

5. Prepared my daughter's food - ready for tomorrow.

6. Got to drink soda, today.

7. Grabbed one opp!

8. Hubby got one client's payment - yippee!

9. Chatted with my sister online.

10. Waistline is still 29.......Relief!

11. I love this button on my blog today.

It shows how hard work through visiting other blogs and dropping cards pay off.
Life is simple. It should remain that way thus I love cheap thrills!