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Have You Heard?

Friday, June 27, 2008

What exactly do you do online? If you will ask me there is a long list of things when I am online. Here is an example:
Watch funny videos.
Browse my email every hour.
Play online games.
Read news and juicy celebrity updates.
Shop and buy goods online.
Refresh new knowledge about lifestyle, even men's lifestyle.
Chat with families and friends.
Do blog hopping regularly.
Earn online.
Download different music and videos.
Get new information from news and recent researches.
Be amused with photos and cartoons.
Do research.
Listen to music.
Get in touch with friends.
Be informed about latest fashion and style.
Write online and publish my ideas.
So how about you, what do you like to do online? Many people think out of the box what to do online. But have you heard of Bush League ? More than just the fun, it is an alternative site especially for those who want fun!