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Worth the Time

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The other was "date day" for me and my dear husband. We went out amidst protestations from our little one. She is not used to being left to someone else's care aside from ours, even if it was my Mama who was left in-charged of her.We needed the break from our usual routine.
First we had our lunch. It was a different feeling of eating lunch which was not prepared by me! It was also quite a break from me, because I was able to enjoy the ambiance of the mall where we went to, the assortment of people milling around us and choices of food available.

So our next stop was the movie house. "Iron Man" the movie, was showing then so we were looking forward for some jaw-dropping scenes. From the recent reviews of the movie, I knew we were not going to be disappointed.

Jaw-dropping was Robert Downey Jr.'s acting, indeed! I loved the movie. Aside from the effects, I was again a certified Robert Downey Jr. fan. I like the way he acts or imbibes the character he plays. Much of the admiration goes to the fact that despite his substance abuse issues he was able to revive his career.

It is very seldom that when celebrities, like him, get involved substance abuse issues there would still be a lucrative career waiting ahead. Thanks to the rehabilitation he took, he is back to give other actors to really rethink about their mediocre acting skills!

  1. irish May 8, 2008 at 12:59 AM  

    im happy for you. its great to have a break every once in a while. :) i suggest you do it regularly. :) and you'll be happier and healthier. :) ur relationship with benefit from it too :)