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Cool Tubs, Anyone?

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What do you think of these bathtubs?
Do you like them?
Would you like to have one?
How would you like to grab one and install one of these in your homes?
I will not refuse if someone offers me to have one like this.

Elegant is an understatement just to describe this claw foot tub.

Now my imagination runs wild like how much enjoyment I will have while taking my hot baths here. After a long day's work and stressful time, I just love to soak in this kind of tub and take my time to enjoy my bath.Taking my bath in this kind of tub, or even whirlpool tubs, will be such a luxury for me. Imagine how a hot bath will sooth my weary soul after a long day's work!

Upon my analysis these models are crafted in fiberglass, acrylic, and are constructed of cast iron.So when one decides to buy one, durability and long-term use is assured. Definitely, there will be no problem when in comes to quality and reliability of owning this kind of tub. More than just the elegance and beauty that one can see in each model there is an underlying assurance that indeed this is worth one's investment.

I have always believed that when a gadget or furnishing will be used for five years or more, one should always buy the best one available. I have adapted this principle when buying gadgets or furnishings for my house. There is less money and time wasted when I choose the best product available. Rather than buying cheap ones but with low quality it is better to get the best one and add a few amount. Less worry it will be for the owner or buyer.
Now, grab one of these and enjoy the warm baths!