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The Real Boss

Friday, May 09, 2008

Do these words sound familiar to you? HUGO BOSS. Or do these words smell nice to you? Which question you wish to answer?
Which ever of the question is your pick; you and I know that these are very familiar nouns that spell: quality fragrance.

Many months ago, I gave my dear husband Boss in Motion as a birthday gift. He was very happy about the gift. His happiness about the gift was evident when within so short period of time; he consumed it within a span of about two months. My feeling was a mixed emotion of being grateful how he appreciated the gift as well as quite surprised to know the fact that he consumed it that fast.I was amazed that he requested me to choose another fragrance for him as his Christmas gift. Glad that he liked it, I willingly gave him Hugo Boss when Christmas of that year came. He loved the fragrances!

In case you are thinking of giving someone special a gift, why not choose one from the variety of fragrance choices? Aside from the quality of the fragrance from a trusted name, the person who will receive the gift will surely like whatever choice you prefer to give!

  1. Liza May 10, 2008 at 12:44 PM  

    hails, the to-do tag is up now

    me utang pa ko hehe