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For Rent: Garage

Monday, May 19, 2008

Last weekend we trooped to my sister's house. We were invited to visit her new house. So off we went for about a two-hour drive to give her a visit.
When we arrived, I was taken aback how huge the house was. To call the place a house is an understatement. It should be called a mansion! Anyway, as I was entering the house, I felt happy and proud of my sister. Her long years of hard work and true perseverance have paid off. Now, she can sit and relax inside her house, which is truly the fruit of her sweat and tears. It really pays off when one gives out her or his best to build a booming business.

What is more appalling is the fact that, despite the humongous size of the house, her garage in front is still so big it can accommodate around fifteen cars. She could have posted a sign there which says: Rent a Garage here. People who need spaces will really be on the look out for the opportunity to rent. Seriously, the space available can still house a rent-a-space business.

Seriously speaking, there is a huge market looking for parking spaces and garages especially in UK. People who own different businesses and vehicles are really hunting for spaces for rent such as garages and parking area.