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Documents Scanning

Thursday, May 15, 2008

I have always believed in the dictum: It is better to be safe than be sorry.

Other risk takers will definitely disagree in unison with me, but that is how I view life. There are just some things that need to be left in the safe mode, right? I have to say that, if there are actual risks to be taken, I would rather take calculated risks rather than just risks, for the sake of risking. I do not know where I got that trait but definitely, it is the opposite of my husband's.

Had I been a CEO or a person in command of a corporation, I would have the same attitude with the company's documents. I will have document scanning + so as to keep all important papers safe and copied. I will do document scanning + to avoid losses of important copies or certain papers that are considered as knowledge resources in my company. I would rather have members of the company save some time just by retrieving documents electronically, rather than spend endless hours looking into actual paper files or folders. The time spent retrieving files manually, will definitely be a cost to the company's operations. More time saved, means more outputs delivered, right?