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Comfort Zone

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yeah, I know I was incognito for a while. Pardon my abrupt hiatus but I guess I needed it. I dropped my laundry basket, dishwashing liquid, floor mop and everything that came along with my everyday paraphernalia. For four days I stayed out of my abode and comfort zone. But of course, I went to a more comfortable zone than mine!
For four days, I felt pampered, cherished and truly rested! How did I feel being served by three stay-in house-helpers, drivers on-call in a fully furnished air-conditioned house? I felt like a queen! Unfortunately, that was in my sister's house not mine! But boy, it was one heavenly break I needed.
My sister has just transferred to her huge, huge house and I was invited, with my kids to stay for four days. I truly admire her generosity and kindness. Not to mention I love her new house. I love the furnishings and interior design. My eyes were glued to the dining room buffets she has acquired. Her new sparkling dining room buffet cabinet was remarkably elegant. I love every minute that I spent in her house. The comfort was immeasurable!

I promise myself when I have my own place such as hers, I will search high and low for things such as discount dining room buffet so I can have the same cozy elegance that she has in her house. Well, for now I just love the idea that my sister lives such a glamorous lifestyle, cause she has really worked hard enough for her to earn her rewards now!

  1. FRANCINE May 31, 2008 at 2:31 PM  

    hai's, did this tag already last year and i was tagged by this meme from a friend. tag me once again ha and promise i'll do it