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It is past 9 in the morning already and the little princess of the house is still in dreamland. It is so quiet when she is asleep. Yesterday, she woke up around 11 in the morning. I wonder what time she will be awaken today.

The house is such a quiet, peaceful place when she is asleep I can hear if a pin drops on the floor. But wait till she is up and awake! Ha! Words will never be enough how she multi-tasks different roles during her playtime: one minute she is choreographing a dance, the next minute she is in front of the mirror pretending to be a newscaster and by the time you knew it, she is already on the floor scattering toys, books, papers, pens, markers, etc. Name it, she can scatter it.

I just let her be most of the time.

Two or three years from now, she will be a big girl. She will be in another stage of her growth.

Life will be not as colorful for me by that time, right?

  1. Anonymous April 14, 2008 at 10:14 PM  

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  2. Vannie April 15, 2008 at 3:58 PM old is your girl na pla? ^_^ sana my son sleeps easily din, ang dali kasi na gising! konting noise lang.

    thanks for visiting my site pla, let's x-links,ok?

    i've already added you.