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Save Now, Enjoy Later

Thursday, April 10, 2008

I used to be very cool and carefree about life. I do not have long-term plans or even foresight for my family's future. Even when I was a young wife and mother, I used to be very relaxed about our family's financial situation, regardless if it was about abundance or scarcity of financial resources for all of us.
That was before, when I was younger. Obviously, I was clueless about the weight of the responsibility that comes along with being a wife to my husband and mother to my three kids.
Now I am more aware and conscious that the welfare of my family is highly dependent on my financial skills or management, I am keener in managing every amount that comes in for our budget. Thus, i now have savings accounts. I have learned the basic know-how in opening and maintaining our money in the bank. This has been my practice for the last three years.
For me, it is more safe and secure to avail of Certificate of Deposit (CD) for my savings accounts . Just like what WaMu (Washington Mutual) offers to its clients, a lot of people are willing to avail of such flexible offers. They offer flexible and secure choices for their clients’ savings account.