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As I wrote earlier, I went back to work today even if I was on leave. I had to submit necessary reports of my students. Despite the heat and laziness, I packed my things and went to the office. Of course, i was not excited to do so, knowing it was not out of my own will that I had to go. But off I went anyway...

In one instant, I felt the big difference right inside me: blogging and going to my workplace. The former, I can do until wee hours in the morning but the latter is something I prefer to be off for a now or a long time.

For now please understand.
I just need a break.
I just need to blog.
Then let me decide what to do with my life, later.

  1. shimumsy April 10, 2008 at 2:18 PM  

    i know, nothing can beat being home and at the same time earning money.

    stay cool.