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Grab Those Cards!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

It was a starry night. We went out for a walk. In the open field we went. Under the bright stars, we walked hand in hand. We savored the cool summer breeze and chanced upon many other couples wrapped in each other's arms. Despite the summer season, they found it cozy to cuddle.

Funny, how love can change the temperature.

It was a romantic night. Most people were just seated on the green grass of the field, chatting, whiling the time away just to be with one another's company.Other couples were whispering sweet nothings. They were unmindful of the other people present.

Wheeww. How oblivious other people can be in the presence of their loved ones?

Then suddenly, our walk became faster and faster. It was not the slow, romantic walk. Steps became brisk. Our arms became swinging swiftly and footsteps were getting speedy.

Suddenly, throngs of bikers came. Runners from different directions passed us by. People came milling around.I became tired.

Jolted to reality, I realized we were in our regular walking regimen which we do every other day. Wheew. Maybe we should switch to biking. Maybe I should get those long overdue credit cards which I have been promising myself for a long time now. Yeah, those two bikes I can charge to credit cards .

Why not?

  1. NANDO DAMÁZIO April 23, 2008 at 10:07 AM  

    Oi, Hailey !!
    Eu sou o Nando, do Brasil, e cheguei ao seu blog através de um meme que você respondeu ..
    Um abraço pra você !! ;-)

    Hi, Hailey!
    I am Nando, Brazil, and came to your blog via a meme that you answered ..
    A hug to you! ;-)