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Dreaming...And Loving It!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

I have found myself staring in an empty space. For months now i have been dreaming of going on a vacation with my family. Maybe an out of town trip, with the whole gang will suffice. Truly, we were out and about two weeks ago, but we were not complete as a family. Back then my two older girls were in far away in another place with my siblings for three days' vacation in the beach.
This is my idea of our family get- away:
The place should be somewhere quiet. We will bring wardrobe enough for four days. Food and drinks will also be bought which would mean all our favorites. Days would be spent swimming in the beach, water skiing, shopping for fresh seafood and lazying under the sun. There should be enough time to buy flowers for our hotel rooms, shop for new clothes and souvenirs, drink fresh juices, take naps when sleepy, talk under the moon lit night, catch up with family issues and take pictures of the different places.
All of us should be able to agree where to go and what to do so that everyone enjoys. Well, that's what i wish for now. hopefully before the year ends, we can afford a vacation like what I am dreaming of!