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The Day That Was

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Noise, noise and more noise.
That was what we were into, when my siblings arrived last week. It was a fun time for the family again, as usual. Catching up and chit chats were exchanged endlessly. As adults spent the whole day exchanging juicy stories and latest updates, kids were all over the place milling around, running, teasing, playing and of course, it won't be complete without petty arguments like who has the highest level in their recent online games conquests.

One sister of mine is on the family way and we are all excited to welcome a new member of the family this October. Another one is building her own house so we are looking forward to a house blessing this quarter of the year. Our youngest is busy cooking up a new retail business so it was one of the highlighted conversation during the gathering. My Mama is as usual, who was busy with her games in the computer in between talks, was fixed there while we chatted the day away.

As everyone noticed, my older sister arrived with her luxurious, flashy car. Again.

How I wish, next time, it will be me who will flash a new car. When will it be? When will be my chance to buy one from New Cadillacs Harrisburg PA ?