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Sunday, April 27, 2008

I have always been the sick child of the family. I was not, not even now, able to figure out why. Every time i try to decipher the reasons why, I was always lost for logic. I thought I would always blame it on being a middle child and trying to seek out my parents' attention. However, in my case, there were really no logical explanations whatsoever, for that. My parents' attentions were focused on providing for eight children and that was never easy.
As far as i could recall my parents' perception of me was I should never tire myself with any activities which demand extreme physical exhaustion lest i wanted to get sick or be glued to the bed. Thus, I grew up with the mentality that my body is never for any kinesthetic activities which would require extra physical exhaustion. I was never the athletic type. I was never into physical adventures.
There are days however, of cravings and wishes for out of this world adventure and escape. There are moments when I just want to be a different me. I just want to be out of the mold that I was honed to be; i would like to board and ride tough-looking truck like those at New GMC Manchester NH and be in the wild chasing adventures and thrills of a lifetime.