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I married very young. Thus, i was barely aware of how married life would be and yet i took the plunge. Do i regret it? No.

There are actually advantages of marrying early. One of them is seeing my kids grow while i still grow on my own. I can relate to them because there is not so huge age or generation gap. I like what they do and vice versa. I can also see them off on their own while i am still young. Based on my calculations, i will be a grandma at my late 4o's. Yeah that is true because at around 48 my eldest will be 25-26 and my youngest will be 21. So by the time i am about early or mid 50's, i can retire. LOL.

However, what i do not perceive to be the advantage of marrying young is that it is hard to establish a career. While others can spend their time at work planning a promotion or getting another degree, i was giving births to my babies, rearing toddlers and walking like zombie at work due to lack of sleep when babies were cranky!

Well, that's my 2 cents worth of thoughts for now.

  1. Mimi March 13, 2008 at 4:16 PM  

    don't feel bad about marrying is what it is...and it's what we make of it that counts...
    You have made a wonderful life for your husband and three rejoice in that fact...and look forward to what God has in store for your future...and enjoy the here and now with your children as they go through their different stages... because they will be grown very quickly!!
    I think your 2 cents worth was worth reading...

  2. sunshineforlife March 13, 2008 at 10:07 PM  

    hmmm good for u your kids are now biggie. for me am still starting and am already almost 40. :( bt really if given the choice again, i would not have kids at 25 instead ill have one at 35. :D

    new look? hmmm what can i say? do u really like it? nice coz it's 3 columns but the color looks so strong. hehehehe