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Give It A Makeover

Monday, March 31, 2008

My sister owns a coffee shop. How i wish it is me who owns one. LOL. The place is one cool hang-out for students and young professionals alike. Most of the time, the place is filled with techno-savvy people who avail of Wi-Fi services. The place is not that big but it is cozy enough to accommodate about thirty five people.
The coffee shop has been operational for almost two years now. Most people hang-out there because it is loaded with comfort and add-ons. One can listen to piped-in music, view music videos from a plasma TV and enjoy the air-conditioning round the clock. The shop's assistants are friendly enough to attend to every customer’s call. In fact, one pf my friends joked that the only thing she misses for a complete luxury is valet parking!

I was thinking, if i were to redesign the place, it could do a furniture make over. Since the lighting is good enough already, cool, quality bar stools can perk up the coffee shop. More than saving a portion of the space, it will look cool and comfy. Since there are two areas for smoking and non-smoking customers, the only thing missing are the cool furniture.