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Business, not just Pleasure

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My husband and I have been into real discussions about our family’s budget and investments. We have been really re-thinking lately of going into small diversified businesses these days. We call it diversified because we do not want to put all our hard-earned money into just one unpredictable source of income. We do not want to practice: putting all our eggs in one basket.
Since we do not have big savings or properties yet, we are really contemplating of putting up three kinds of micro-enterprises for our three growing children. It is not easy just to rely on our salary due to escalating prices of good and commodities. More than the daily needs of the family, we need to think of generating funds for our children’s education.
We know we are still young, but we still need to make sure that our children’s future is secure.
We already have one kind of micro-enterprise in mind. But we still need to secure financing for the said enterprise. It is small but we hope that eventually it turns out big enough to send our kids to college. You see, it won’t be easy to maintain a business while working full-time but with persistence it can be done, right?
For the meantime, a fast payday loan can be secured to start off. Yes, payday loans are easy to get nowadays.