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BT Broadband

Friday, January 18, 2008

Like what I have already written about earlier, everything seems done online. Aside from cooking and washing clothes, what else is not done online? Tell me.
Internet technology seems to be the highest from of invention mans has ever created out of his intelligence. Why do I say so? Because more than the fact that it transcends time and distance, I do not think all of us can go back to the time when there was no internet.
Since it is one of the most important technologies in our present civilization, I do believe investing on high speed connection is a must. If one has very slow, snail-paced connection, it is futile to compete with the ones with the most reliable high speed connection.
What is your type of connection? Try BT broadband, it is one of the best. Speedtest is always available to assure costumers of really high-speed connection.