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My daughter is enrolled in an alternative school. It is a non-traditional school which offers international standards and progressive philosophy. She is used to perceive learning as something applicable and knowledge as something usable. She is exposed to the idea that learning is more than just books, paper, pencil and chalk-talk of the teacher-centered classroom.In fact, text books are not used in their school anymore, but rather direct (but guided) access to internet is always available. Isn't that the age and technology now?

One time she remarked that how come other schools punish their students with loads of books when in fact, information is one click away, thru on-line access.

She is right. Everything right now is just one click away. Even shopping is one easy click away.
E-commerce is very easy to do. Merchants do not have to peddle their wares just like the olden days. Most entrepreneur these days buy shopping cart softwares or use ecommerce software to sell online.
In the comforts of the home everyone can shop. Shoppers just load their items in their shopping carts, pay online and have goods delivered at their doorsteps.
Easy click and customers get the item. That easy. Technology is so available these days.
As my daughter says: Why punish ourselves with blood, sweat and tears? Just click it!