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Tremendous changes have happened to our family for the last four months. Aside from moving from traditional schooling to homeschooling, measures to be frugal were adopted. Let me count the ways...

We officially shifted from two incomes to one. That alone is a huge adjustment. From being a full time teacher, I now stay at home to teach my own children. Most people find this crazy. I do not. At least, not yet. What is more affective than to teach and monitor the learning of my own children? Who is more responsible in teaching lives I nurture? Me.

Being at home means I can monitor keep an eye on the family consumption: water, electric and food. Would you believe that even if we are home almost 24/7, our electric bill was cut into half? Constant turning off and unplugging of electrical appliances not being used helped tremendously.

With time in my hands, preparing and storing food veer us away from eating out. Not only that this practice is healthy, it also keeps our pockets guarded. Unlike when I was working, we were always rushing that taking out of food was more frequent than cooking our own.

Let me tell you more in later posts. I still need to research about baby formula.


  1. Rachel October 31, 2009 at 2:38 PM  

    It is interesting to watch how expenses and budgets can shift. I've been spending so much more on groceries lately, but our food budget went down overall since we stopped going out to eat.