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  • for a Godly, (vice-free) imperfect husband who loves the imperfect me - truly a rare species these days...
  • again, hubby who believes that together we make "a powerful team" with no ifs and buts;
  • my Mama whose presence is enough
  • three pairs of arms (of my girls) that hug tight and assure me that life is going to be fine
  • for family to come home to every night, rain or shine.
  • for my siblings - come hell or high water I know they will be around
  • noisy dinner table
  • little one's head when she looks up to me to ask something
  • loud voices in the house that perennially ask: "Where's Mommy?"
  • tough shoulder of hubby to sleep on at night
  • smiles of people around me
  • grace...grace...from God for an unGodly person that is me
  • celebrations of life: birthdays, weddings, Christening, get-togethers because the best thing in life is, life itself!
  • good health
  • work
  • friends who comment here
  • little hands that hold my shirt while walking down the street: a little child needs me!
  • my washing machine - very loyal service indeed
  • almost empty ref - because it reminds me that reward is from hard work.Period.
  • never empty wallet (even if it just contains a single peso many times) then a blessing comes again!
  • Aling Puring, our very considerate landlady. God bless her always.
  • my in-laws because they raised my husband to be the prson I will be with for the rest of my life
  • clean water when i open the faucet
  • healthy, happy and expressive children of mine...

How about you? What is on top of your list?

  1. Akirah November 28, 2008 at 1:19 PM  

    So much to be thankful for...I don't even know where to begin.