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I am starting to feel the effect of economic crunch these days. Nothing seems to be in the category of good news in terms of financial issues. Prices are higher and wages are the same. So what is the usual woe of a work at home mother like me? If I can only shout the line "show me the money!" everyday, I would!

Different penny-pinching moves and frugal hackings are the only strategies that occupy my mind every single day of our lives lately. Every penny saved goes a long way, I guess. Every opportunity I have to go online, I am always looking for one hundred and one ways to stretch the family budget. I am so glad there are blogs and sites that are truly helpful in my quest for this penny-saving mode I have.
Due to this constant reading and searching for articles about frugal ways, I am having double vision and eye discomfort. I feel I spend too much time online that I need new eyeglasses.
For a frugal mother like me, eyeglasses, from Zenni Optical suits my budget and fancy. I have no extra worry for additional cost because they are very affordable and available online.

  1. hisnameisdencios November 8, 2008 at 11:06 AM  

    i also wear eyeglass and i have astigmatism. my left eye is alot malabo than my right. though eyeglass is an investment =)