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Thursday, September 04, 2008

I have been blessed with good genes when it comes to my vision. Both my parents wore reading eyeglasses when they were already in their fifties. Up to now, my Mother who is 67 years old, wears reading glasses only. Among my seven siblings only one of them wears glasses. Hopefully, with proper diet and care of my eyes, I will inherit the trait from my parents.

However, for my husband it is the opposite. As long as he can remember, his parents have been wearing glasses. He also has pair of eyeglasses which he seldom wears. Lately, my second child has been showing signs of visual impairments already. She often misreads and mispronounces words and thereby affecting her comprehension. Most of the time, there are more incorrect words that she reads than the correct ones. This worries me big time since this will consequently affect her academic performance. That is something that we should not compromise. Thus when I came across this LASIK information and how beneficial this is even to NASA personnel under extreme physical situations, I started to get interested.
LASIK technology is becoming known to many now as it brings about better vision for many people. Have you tried it?

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