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I love tags.

Do not get me wrong.

I love receiving them from blogger friends.Tag is one of the ways to get acquainted with the blogosphere populace.

Every now and then, i still feel the thrill when a blogger friend tags me. I feel special. And without batting an eyelash, i do tags very often.

Tags make my technorati explode and my blog rank soar. More than that, viral linking helps and hopefully, PR will follow suit, right? Who wouldn't want that? Not to mention that doing tags is one way to help each other's blog soar, right?

That is why I got shocked to discover a fact about SOME tags recently.

In one of the tags I did, i had a difficult time posting thus I asked my dear techy/web developer husband to do the codes. He does it on a Notepad and with few tinkering he was finished in a jiffy.

He was shocked to discover that most links of the bloggers who posted their links in that particular tag has "no follow" link. So what does that mean?

Will it make my technorati soar? Probably.

Will it affect my Alexa Rank? Hmm. Yes.

But will Mr. G. recognize the links when he does the spider crawl?

I doubt.

Big doubt.

Go figure.

Now, i just realized for those with "no follow" yes, they will benefit the tag because those who tag along carry their links...But what about for those who tag along them?

More doubts.

Go find out. This is interesting...