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Seafood Galore!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am such a sucker for seafood.

I drool over pictures of different sea food recipes. Name any seafood recipe , I will eat it anytime and whatever way it is cooked.
Shrimps, fish, crabs or squid are really among my top food favorite. Give me a whole week just eating seafood and by all means, I will be more than willing to extend it for another week of seafood diet. More than just being delicious, different variety of seafood are good source of iodine and protein thus they are good for the body.
That is why, when I chanced upon this seafood cook off through, I immediately browsed over the different new recipes from different chefs, and took my time scrutinizing each entry. It was tough deciding which entry to vote for since all entries are mouth-watering creations! I finally decided to vote for Texas Gulf Shrimp recipe by Chef Mark Holley. More than being healthy, the Texas Gulf Shrimp recipe contains all-natural ingredients made up of different herbs, spices, cheese, black beans and many others.
The cook off encourages the benefits of using locally produces seafood because of its sustainability. More than being fresh, great tasting and healthy, it can also promote the local market of seafood.
On my part, aside from the love for seafood, I love the idea of knowing new recipes and having the chance to win a free trip to New Orleans! Imagine the opportunity to learn more about seafood recipes plus the chance to win a free trip. So, why not also try and vote for your choice?

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