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Not mine, but for our clan.

We just opened the door of our empty house about thirty minutes ago. All of us went to my in-law's place. We were there to celebrate my mother in-law's 67th birthday. I suddenly realized how time flies. It has been almost twelve years since she became my mother-in-law. It seems like it was only yesterday that I officially became part of my in-law's family.
All of my mother in-law's sons and their wives were present. The family's six grandchildren also came to help her blow her birthday candle.
One of my sisters-in-law is eight months pregnant. She is about to burst anytime next month. It feels nice to welcome a new member of the clan. For sure the other kids will have a grand time taking turns to baby sit the new arrival.
We were talking how she needs to put her baby things in order again. She has to have the baby's dresses and travel cots ready within the next weeks. Since she just delivered her first baby about one and a half years ago, she does not need to buy new clothes for her second baby. Although she needs baby pushchairs for her new born, she wants to buy the best quality she can find. She told me the older one still uses the highchairs, she might need a new one.
Time was spent exchanging stories until it was time to go home. Well, it was a quiet and simple celebration but a truly wonderful get-together.