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Who Needs Cisco?

Friday, July 18, 2008

Just got back from an afternoon walk with husband. It was tiring but refreshing break. After about thirty minutes of brisk stroll, we decided to rest on one of the benches around the field where we were walking. The breeze was quite a treat, having had a long day of house work for me while he had his own challenges working on a new web design project.

As we took our time, our conversation jumped from one topic to the next. He told me he needs to win a networking bid which he submitted to a local university. He was explaining how projects as such need more of his attention and time. He was emphasizing on how stiff the market these days is, when it comes to winning big projects as such. Aside from the fact that he needs all the credentials and qualifications that he has, he thinks it is also best to upgrade what he knows and get a Cisco certification the soonest possible time. More than just getting new knowledge and skills, Cisco certification will truly boost the I.T. business he has put up and worked so hard for.

As we finished our conversation, we both agreed that in this competitive world we have right now, we always need to upgrade our knowledge and skills in order to adapt. As we always quote to each other: "young tigers are leaner", which means every now and then, younger if not fresher generation always comes to replace the older ones thus we better keep up with the fast-paced world of ours.

Otherwise, what we know will be antiquated or outdated. Who wants to be obsolete? Not us.

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