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What do you think of 8 siblings together , ages 25-42 : eating, laughing, teasing and conversing non-stop in one room for almost a day? How will you justify seeing 8 different personalities from one set of parents?

Riot is an understatement!

Seriously, I loved it! Nothing beats the bond I feel with the people whom I share genetics composition with: my five sisters and two brothers! I know not all of you have such diversity of gene pool! And yes, I know it was one of those rare times.

Papa must be smiling down from heaven seeing us together. I hope!

All eight of us siblings were together for almost a day. One minute we were pretending to be serious , and then there were bouts of laughter the next second. The unpredictability of the moment added spice to the "no-occasion but special time" we had.

Actually, the "no-occasion but special time" was actually a meeting held because we are putting up a business. Yeah right, idiosyncratic people like us can actually put up one. Over pizza and tons of other food - business details were discussed, suggestions were thrown, financial analysis was done, organizational set-up was somewhat deliberated, pros and cons were weighed, and laughter was shared.

We were one in dreaming that who knows a year or so from now the business will boom. Then we will own something like real estate in Naperville or buy real estate Chicago Land? I would want to get one from Real Estate in Chicago II, seriously!