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For Now

Monday, July 28, 2008

1. I was awaken by hubby at around 9. I slept at almost 1 am due to some assignments, surfing the net for some new information.

2. I prepared breakfast while chatting with my second girl. She woke up around 9:30.

3. Minutes later I brought her to the film showing she was scheduled to attend.

4. Quite a day for me since this is my "errands" day. Went to the community hall to get business permit. Waited, conversed with the person, waited then I was able to secure one, so off we went to have our lunch at home.

5. After washing up, we had some homeschooling time. While they were finishing up, Istarted surfing the net. Got curious with NY IT Services and their offers. Need some help with I.T. issues right now.

6. I went to my nephews' school.Had to talk to their class advisers. My daughter and I waited for almost two hours just to be accommodated! I was about to walk out already but I told myself patience is a virtue so the waiting paid off. We were able to discuss grade-related issues.

7. Visited my Mama.

8. Dinner was cooked by me at around 7. Then we ate dinner together ( as usual) before 8 pm.