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As I have blogged earlier, I was on vacation for four days in my sister's house. I enjoyed the stay so much. Aside from the fact that it was a breath of fresh air for me through a short vacation, I was excited to stay in her new house also.
During my stay, I was inside the house most of the time. I immersed myself in the luxurious "accommodation" that come along with the house.

As I noticed the house does not have the fancy ceiling fans anymore like what my sister used to have in her old place. She had her house fully air-conditioned already. So during my stay, wherever I went, it was comfortable because of the coolness of the place.

What reminds me of "hotel"-like amenities are the under cabinet lighting, if I am not mistaken, in the master's bedroom.
The best part of the house is the chandelier that catches every visitor's attention, in the living room. I wonder if it is Forecast lighting. I would like to check that next time I visit.

Truly, it is a dream come true for my sister. I am so happy for her. Hopefully, I can visit again the soonest. I love to think of the fact that, that huge house belongs to my own sibling...and I can