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Entertaining Ideas

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Last weekend was a relaxing one for me. I stayed in my sister's house for three days. Of course I brought my kids along. It was a fun and memorable time. It is good to be invited to stay in her place once again. My kids had a wonderful time, so are their parents.
For three days I just lazed around the comforts of her home. It was the feeling of being pampered again, that I cherished. Of course I do not get the same kind or level of luxury everyday. So every time I get such opportunity, I take my time to savor it.
I love to tour around the front yard of my sister's place. The area is so big; my mind keeps churning for different outdoor entertaining ideas.
Since the front area of the house is big enough to accommodate about a hundred people,I will never run out of different outdoor entertaining ideas had it been my own place. My creative juices will never run out of different themes for parties and gatherings to suit my moods or whatever I fancy for the moment. For sure, visitors will love to enjoy the time spent with such kind of accommodations.