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My husband and I are food fanatics. We always want to try something different when it come to food. Whenever new to a place, we search for foods which are not of the usual; like what we take in daily. We really make it a point that when we are exploring a new place, we will try to eat something different that will give us extraordinary gustatory experience. After all, it is always food that defines culture in different places. Thus, we have this usual saying that if we want to be part of a new culture, why not taste the local food available?

Usually, when we go around places, we cannot resist the succulent, appetizing food available on different restaurants' menus. Just like whenever we are home and watching the cable television, then foods from different places are shown, we could not help but drool over some recipe. Such is what I heard about Manchester restaurants, eating out is such a treat there! Can you just imagine the blend of choice you can have from, Rusholme, the famous Indian restaurant to coffee shop in the Northern Quarters up to the exotic Chinatown, I am sure food will be irresistible there.
I have not been to Manchester but with such inviting place because of availability of food choices which are not too heavy on the budget, I cannot help but be envious of those who have access to the proximity of the place. But who knows, I will someday go there to have that heavenly experience!

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