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My husband and I married early.

We were both twenty-three when we got married. It was tough to shoulder such enormous responsibilities at such a young age, but here we are: alive and kicking.While others were storming the corporate ladder and spending sleepless nights in different parties or hang outs, we were changing diapers and baby bibs. While many of our contemporaries were figuring out what to do with their salaries, we were spending heavily on milk and vaccines. We took the parenting route earlier than the usual. It was not easy but we are a team.

Looking at the bright side of it, we will be retiring "earlier" than most normal people do. With retiring, I mean by the time our kids are in their twenty's we will still be in our late 40's. Hopefully, by that time we have sent them to the best schools and have earned their degrees like we both did. Thus, we will be free and happy to dive into our early retirement years.

We always dreamed of putting up our own coffee shop, with kitchen bar stools and all. We both dream of the smell of coffee and baked deli wafting our noses everyday while enjoying reading the papers in the company of friends and kin in our own coffee shop. I will be in charged of the interior decoration of the coffee shop. I like to think of country type motif for the design, from the counter stools to the walls of the shop. It is easier to find discount bar stools which can be turned into different designs to match the interiors of our dream coffee shop.

Even if it will still be years from now I look forward to making this dream a reality. I love the idea that we will be a husband and wife team to put our dream into a reality. Watch out for this soon!