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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

I am not a techie. I am not that well versed in tinkering with computers or its softwares. I usually leave that to my husband. So when I stumbled upon this simple looking but very nice design blog I was completely fooled that it was a techie blog! It has a very simple design yet contains a lot of good content. For a none techie person like me, I found this one as very user-friendly. The lay-out is cool and navigation is very easy.
One post presents a discussion about windows vista and some information about user accounts. And there is this another write up which is about the Microsoft spyware community. Topics are not just interesting but informative as well. And one major bonus about this weblog is that it is not loaded with ads or widgets so it is not an eyesore to the user, so to speak!

However, as I told you I am not a techie so what I did was to bookmark it. I would definitely visit it again! And then I passed the link to my husband. My husband, being a web designer and programmer, should be able to comprehend the contents and find it useful, or at least, interesting.