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Rewards. Rewards!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

That is what i deserve right now. I need to grab a thing or two for myself. I feel i have been working hard for the last month and i deserve to give my self some tender, loving care. So in a day or two, i will hit the mall and grab some things or myself. A day for self-pampering will not hurt but boost me, too.
Choices that are on my list are:
1. a body massage will sooth my weary back
2. a trip to the salon for that much needed hair cut I have been depriving myself from for a long, long time.
3. a new comfy shoes for everyday errands. Enough of those flip-flops, I have more than I need.
4. cool swimsuits I can either grab a one piece swimwear or a what they call women's tankinis
5. a new moisturizer i need for my dry, dry skin.

I do not mean to get everything I listed above. Getting two or more will definitely lift my tired soul. It wouldn't hurt to give myself a reward, in fact it is the other way around.
Then I will be fine; up and about again to work and earn more bucks for the family!

  1. Tahn April 21, 2008 at 6:13 AM  

    I feel you! i need a massage :)