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Sunday, April 20, 2008

By next month, I think I will be finally settled with my new schedule. Life will be a little normal for me to just stay in the house. I guess more and more time will be spent in front of my laptop. However, I have finally scribbled my schedules that have to be followed so there will be no excuses for me not to be able to do my chores.

The last two weeks have been an adjustment for me. More than half of my time was spent indoors and I have been online very frequently. I have been browsing through different sites to look for home furnishings that my family needs. I have downsized my list to about three pieces ready for buying. There is one problem though, I need a credit card. I promised myself before that i will not repeat the mistakes we had before in over-using credit cards, but it seems i badly need one for my purchases online. I am amazed, however, how many credit card offers are available online; with easy processing and instant application. It seems easier to apply now rather than before.

I am really considering getting a new one because I truly need one.