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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It is very hot here right now. The heat is scorching outside. Every thing looks dry and withered outside. Most people are just staying inside their homes or else be punished with the sun's heat.
Everyday i just want to stay indoors and enjoy the cooler ambiance of our home. It is tiring to be under the heat of the sun. Every time I go out, i feel dehydrated and my energy is zapped. My kids have to take a bath two to three times a day just to beat the heat. Just the other day, i hanged some clothes outside only to find out that after two hours or so, they are all ready for folding even if they were dripping wet when I let them under the sun. Yes, that is how hot it is here. The electric fans are over used, water has been our constant companions just to alleviate the heat; either by drinking or taking a quick shower.
My only worry right now is that the heat might over heat the electric fans we are using constantly. Thus, yesterday we decided that we should buy a new one just to substitute for the use of the current ones we are using. It is better to be safe than sorry later. Although it would cost us some amount to get i new one we are really considering buying.
As this was in my mind last night, i came across this
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