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Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I am still in fascination how this Internet technology can truly make life more easy and less taxing for all people worldwide. More than transcending time and space, people all over the world can get connected in split seconds, regardless of races, cultures, religions and colors. Sometimes it makes me wonder how long will this last or will it really last? With all the comforts of connected world, shopping on-line, getting in touch with people, putting one's business over the Internet, e-mailing, blogging, sharing in forum, chatting, earning on-line, getting degrees on-line, staying in-touch with relatives and families among many, many other ways to use the Internet.

Sometimes I wonder if there will be a saturation point for all these. However, i hope there is really none. But I, for one, wonders how the digital world can change one's perspective in life. Thanks to all those who waged their lives looking for better ways to make our lives now better and comfortable. I do hope nothing goes wrong with the present digital technology. Otherwise everything else will be changed. I was just speaking with my children a few weeks back, they really have no idea or empty perspective of life without the Internet. For them, they were born with the notion that life is reliant on the net. I cannot blame them. They are the digital babies. LOL.

I just wonder how long did it take for the technology genius guys who thought of all these connections to get us all wired: from the simplest but very important wires to the most complicated softwares or programs to suit our needs: isn't it grand? To analogize it to a car: to get a car running one has to consider all the parts as important from the smallest automotive wire connectors to the metal body all parts are important. And one has to consider everything in proper condition.

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