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Nice Ones

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I am glad my little princess is up, well and running around now. After a week of being out of school and home with me, she is finally okay. Thank God she is well.
Memories of her being confined in the hospital two years ago bring horrible emotions to me. Back then, I did not know she has asthma. She was already weak as a vegetable when I brought her to the hospital. But I know that will not happen again because I am really extra careful not tire her, or let her tire herself or be exposed to allergens.
Hospitals are the last place that I want to be. The only thing that amused me during the last time we were there was the fancy and hippy Medical Uniforms of the hospital staff. They were all over the place in their cutest Medical Uniforms. It gave a breath of fresh air to the patients.