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Money and More Money

Friday, March 28, 2008

Personal finance is not my cup of tea. I always find myself of disinterest to issues regarding money matters. However, at this time of my life, i feel i need to focus on learning the ropes about money matters. I am the finance and budget officer of our home so i better shape up or we will all ship out. LOL.
As i needed to learn about it, I browsed through many sites. I found others too personal while others are informative. Many articles helped me to learn how to manage my income. Other articles are "new knowledge" for me.
I find it funny and ironic that it is only now that i concern myself with money-related issues. I should have been more concern about this after my wedding day eleven years ago, but i guess it is out of need now that's why i want to learn more. It is not too late to open the idea that i can still gear-up our family's finances.
Money article comments helped me learned so much. I saw different perspectives and information-packed articles that can help me get through finances. Even if there is really not much that we have that i need to manage, it still pays to be informed.