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It is a slow day for us. My two girls have not yet arrived from their 4-day trip to Zambales. I only have hubby and my little one with me for the last four days. Although phone calls and texting have been constantly exchanged between us, it is still a fact that I miss the two. But I always decide to let them go and join those trips because I know they will learn from those trips and practice independence.

They are coming home tonight. They called yesterday and informed us they would still be spending one night in Manila in my sister’s house. They like to stay there. They like to be pampered with the luxuries and comforts of my sister’s house. Well, who wouldn’t?

It is a treat to live in a fully air-conditioned house, lots of house helpers and food. They can play on-line games unlimited. They can use their cousin’s techy-gadgets and play all day long. In other words, it is way too different than our lifestyle. LOL. But they know that and are aware that those are temporary perks than permanent.

I am always thankful that my siblings take good care of them, all the time!

  1. shimumsy March 23, 2008 at 4:07 AM  

    hi hailey,
    i have visited you blogs several times actually it's already on my roll. nice blog. hope we can xlinks. pls let me know if ok. thanks.