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Lose Some and Win Much

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

When i was a student in college, i used to weigh 90 lbs. I measure 5'4'' in height. However, as time went by i know i have gained weight. I attribute this to my age and my lifestyle. I do not exercise and too tired to even think about such things. Maybe in due time i will try doing this; that's what i always tell myself. However the problem is: when will i say that it is the due time? Everyday i notice that my middle part is getting thicker and thicker. I feel sluggish when i walk a longer distance than my usual routine of walking. Even if i weigh only 118 lbs these days, i know i still need to lose weight. I know i need to find time to do this but for now i am aware that the idea of losing weight is a positive thought.
If I compare healthy weight loss diets like Weight Watchers Online, Medifast,, Jillian Michaels, South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem, i know i can find one which is appropriate for me. I know there are ways which would suit my lifestyle and my needs. For this i am glad to be aware that there are choices to follow.