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Insured Cars Galore!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Who says that life is fair? No one can. Not even those who reflect upon the profoundity of life can truly say that life is fair.
I just heard that my sister has bought vehicles again. Yes, she can afford to buy vehicles to the highest plurality of the word. She can afford to. In fact she has a lot which she uses for her business. But she owns sets of top of the line vehicles more than her hands can drive, more than what most of any one in our siblings or family can. Thus, i always say that life indeed is not fair. The rich gest richer and the poor gets worse or just the same.
Well, i hate to sound materialistic but many will agree with me with the phrase above. However, i cannot complain because my sister is one generous person. She gives and gives and provides for a whole lot of people including the employees in her businesses and less fortunate sister like me. LOL. In fact, because she buys so many vehicles for her business that it has been our joke in the family that she has made the car dealers richer, happy and contented.LOL.
Thus, she makes it sure she has Commercial Insurance for the vehicles she uses for her businesses.
Still, even if life is not fair...I am happy for her.

  1. Pinay Mommy March 4, 2008 at 8:15 PM  

    got awards for you!