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Help is in the Air

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I do not know how to drive. I fear driving as of this stage in my life. I do not know why. I cannot explain why also. Most of the people I know are already braving driving long distances, but I remain clueless how to drive a small vehicle. Just like being able to ride a bicycle took me a long time to learn. I think I was already a teenager when I learned how to ride a bicycle.
It is still an issue in our home that I do not know how to drive. My husband always says that in case of emergency, he has no one to help him or bring him to the hospital because I do not know how to drive. He always jokes that I will be left to carry him, which is quite impossible since he weighs around 180-190 lbs.

Then I read online that there is already air ambulance service. Just in case there are critical conditions or emergency situations, air ambulance can provide service thru charter flights. Isn’t this a relief because we do not know when we will need extra care?
This is one advantage of browsing online. Being informed through the internet or technology truly has its advantages.