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Thursday, March 20, 2008

I was talking to my sister in law last weekend. I was asking her about her husband over seas. We were actually talking about family matters. And she was sharing with me about being a single parent has really taken its toll on disciplining their children. She said if there was one reason that she would invite her husband to go home, it would be because of the children.
I think it is a tough job being a single parent. If having a partner in disciplining the children can sometimes make me go bonkers, how much more being alone and lonely without a partner to support?
Then our conversation veered away towards communication between the couple. Distance truly separates and she is more than grateful for the technology nowadays. Because of internet the communication line is constant. For quite a time we were talking, the topic made uscompare high speed ISP service providers. She said that her internet connection is fast enough for their needs. It suits her family’s wishes to get connected everyday. She is more than happy, as I am happy with our internet connection .
I am glad they get connected because the most important thing to preserve is their family. Thus, without the communication line it will surely get affected by their set up.