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Churnings in my Mind

Thursday, March 06, 2008

School is finally coming to an end. My mind is churning again. Why? Let me count the ways:
1. I need to think of ways and means how my children can use up their time wisely and fruitfully.
2. I need to program how I can avail of my “me” time so I can focus on my projects. Please let me have this religiously.
3. There is a clamor from my second child that she wants to enroll in martial arts and baking this break. But for starters I can use our toaster-ovens. I heard from a friend that toaster-ovens are good tools to start motivation and love for baking.
4. Reflection time is needed to decide whether I will avail of home schooling or not next school year.
5. I have to lay-out how I can work on the budget without my usual income. Summer break is the best time to re-organize our finances because there are no school expenses.