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Bouncing Again

Thursday, March 27, 2008

What do Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss, Robert Downey Jr. and Nicole Richie have in common? Aside from being famous for their celebrity status, they have made headlines about issues on drugs. They have also managed to redeem themselves through the issue by undergoing addiction treatment . Media have always highlighted the lives of these celebrities thus every move they make was oftentimes monitored.
It must have been difficult for those aforementioned celebrities to start anew. Had I been in their shoes, I would find it difficult to regain back the life before addiction. It would be a challenge for me, had I been in their shoes. It will take much courage but for sure it can be done.
Despite the different issues on drug abuses and addiction, these celebrities were able bounce back. Bouncing back is not easy but there are sure different ways to be able to gain back the life meant for them.

However, there are always solutions for every difficulty, right? Among those solutions that can make us better people is by admitting that we are at fault then starting all over again. Like most often quoted line: What can’t kill us will make us stronger. Do you agree?